On May 21st 2004 the picketing of Embassy of Germany took place in Kiev.

The target of the picketing was an appeal to the German ambassador in Ukraine Mr. Dietmar Gerhard Studemann in order to stop the participation of Germany in ecology-destructive project on the construction of the deep-water shipping canal at the Bystroe bed which is in the core area of the Danube Biosphere Reserve. As well as to draw attention  of German “greens” and mass media to the problem. 

On May 11th  2004 German firm Josef Mobius Bau-Aktiengesellschaft began deepening works at the Bystroe bed.

More than 20 persons from 10 organizations took  part in the picketing.


Organizer of picketing:
Ukrainian ecological Association Zeleny Svit E-mail: zelsvit@p5com.com

Participants of picketing:
Ukrainian ecological Association Zeleny Svit,
Youth branch of National Ecological Center of Ukraine E-mail: lynxlynx@ukr.net
Kiev Ecology-cultural Center E-mail: apach@ukr.net
Youth environmental organization Nova Zemlya
City Youth non-governmental organization Ecoclub (Rivne)
and other organizations. 


Slogans on the posters (inGerman):
Don’t back up the dirty policy of Ukrainian Ministry for Transport!
Don’t let you in for International scandal!
German ecologists! Give us a hand with our efforts!
Your actions in Danube Biosphere Reserve are illegal!
Don’t destroy in our country what you protect in yours!